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Five years ago Ron Hilton did an opinion poll in Holladay regarding the controversial Village Center development. He got hundreds of responses, and shared the results with city leaders. The last question on the survey asked what other issues should be surveyed, and that evolved into the “Grassroots Whisperer” website, an avenue for public opinion which Ron has conveyed to local, state and national leaders over the years.

A little bit about Ron’s background. He has degrees in math and electrical engineering, and is a successful high-tech entrepreneur. He founded a start-up in Silicon Valley which was eventually sold for over $100M and is presently working on another high-tech start-up in Utah. He’s a volunteer climbing instructor with the Boy Scouts and loves the outdoors. Ron is happily married with six children, two of whom are married, and they have two grandchildren.

From left to right, back to front: Peter & Bekah, Michael, Nathan, Eric & Jessica; Ryan, Ron & Melissa, Brett