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Welcome to The Grassroots Whisperer™, where we can combine our voices to be heard on the important issues in our local community, state, and the nation. This is just one way among many to provide input to your elected representatives. The most important way is by exercising your right to vote in every election, but a lot can go wrong between elections if that is the only input that we give. Representative government works best when we do! Calling, writing, emailing, or faxing your representative as well as attending public meetings and rallies are all good ways to communicate. But we are all busy and don’t often take the time to do that. However, here at The Grassroots Whisperer™ it only takes a few mouse clicks every month or two to get involved and have a real impact. Just sign up here today. Please also check out the Survey Results tab to see what The Grassroots Whisperer™ community has been saying lately!